Daycare Rates
Sunday-Saturday (including holidays)
$13 per day
$7 per day for each additional pet
Sleepover Rates
Sunday -Saturday (including holidays)
$23 per night
$12 per night for each additional pet

Sleepovers at Flutie's Doggie Hideout are different from what you might be familiar with when leaving your pet at a kennel or veterinarian's office.We want your pet to enjoy a wonderfully comfortable stay. We are cage free and all overnight pets get their own fresh clean bed for comfort, a treat, toys, T.V., climate control, purified drinking water, and 24 hour supervision whether they want to play or just hang out. We have a fenced in back yard for your pet to exercise, play, or go potty and we do have immediate clean up service for all dogs' protection. 

Medications:We will administer most medicines to your pet provided you bring written veterinary instructions for administration. Medications must be brought in the original containers with the veterinary labeling or we cannot accept them. 

Food and Snacks:We will happily prepare and feed your pet any food or treats that you provide at the time of day you specify. We use our own bowls for feeding for hygiene purposes so it's not necessary to bring bowls or dishes. Fresh, Clean, filtered water is available at all times for you pet in all areas of the facility. Have no worries if there are special things you may do in preparing your pets food. We want to keep your pet in their normal routine and we don't mind performing special tasks to accommodate our special guests during feeding times. If you forget your food or wish to use our food, the cost is $3 per meal. We encourage you to bring your own food so that there are no stomach issues with your pet. 

​Pampering: We are not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal items that you bring for your pet, including bedding, toys, bowls, crates, clothing, & bones.